We want to make work which is fun + attention grabbing, we want everyone to have a big smile on their face when they watch one of our videos.
— Elena & Sofia Costa

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of meeting Elena & Sofia Costa, the girlbosses behind Costa Sisters Productions, at their new workspace in Penarth where they produce quirky, informal and high-energy Americana-style videos. Elena & Sofia told us all about the inspiration behind their work, their collaborative relationship, the things they love and their upcoming projects, and it is obvious that the sisters are not afraid to follow their passion, be different and continue to grow. No wonder they’ve been ranked #1 Under 35 business women in Wales!


Tell us about Elena & Sofia, the girlbosses behind Costa Sisters Productions. What’s your story?

We’re Elena + Sofia, two inseparable sisters, who everyone thinks are twins. Nothing gives us more joy than girl bossing as videographers, adventuring far away and of course eating Burgers!

What are your most vivid childhood memories?

SC: There’s so much! I remember spending a lot of time outdoors, and climbing trees with my friends. We’ve grown up in a really close family + have a lot of family in Spain so I remember we’ve always travelled there any chance we got.

EC: I’ve always remembered home movies being a big thing in our family, and we used to steal my parents’ cameras to film all sorts. I’ll never forget making a horror “Teen Killers” in our kitchen + Sofia playing the lead murderer.

What sparked your passion for visual storytelling through photography and videography?

SC: We’ve grown up watching 90’s American movies, so we’re heavily influenced by them! Tarantino was one of our biggest inspos.

EC: We’ve always connected memories with visuals, whether it was videos or photos. I guess we’ve always been visually creative, I remember we used to love making scrapbooks of just about everything, we used to collect gig tickets, gather things from our adventures! Visual storytelling just came naturally to us!

Tell us about the inception of Costa Sisters Productions. How did it all start and who or what inspired you to embark on this journey?

SC: We filmed our bestie in a tattoo graffiti competition, and the event organizer loved it so much he asked us to film the rest of the events. That’s when we thought we could start a film business. So we dived into the deep end and quit our retail jobs to give it a real shot.

EC: our love for shooting weddings came from a video that went viral on Tumblr (YAS bigup tumblr) shot by Cana Family, we were obsessed cause we didn’t know weddings could be so unique. We actually met the bride in the video years later, Rachel, she lives in California and is the most badass vendor ever @laceandlikes.

How would you describe your style and aesthetic?

Americana! Our videos are super high energy and fast paced! We like to apply a “music video” style to all our work! We want to make work which is fun + attention grabbing, we want everyone to have a big smile on their face when they watch one of our videos.

Tell us a bit about your collaborative relationship. How do you influence each other and what are the most striking similarities between your visions?

EC: We have the same brain, it’s crazy! We’re really lucky that we’re always on the same page about everything, the only real difference is we both have very different filming styles but that’s what works!

SC: The best part about working together is that we’re always motivating each other. We’re always having fun with it, that it never feels like working!

What is the most frequent subject of your conversations?

We’re always brainstorming on new ideas + what new ventures we can link to our business.

But... mostly... Food, Boys + Murder (not all at once hahaha!)

What is the most important lesson that you’ve learned about yourselves since starting Costa Sisters Productions?

That there’s so much that goes into running your own business, the most important thing we’ve learnt is to try not to let work take over your life. It’s super hard to know when to switch off when you’re self-employed. We find it so important to make time for family and friends.

What keeps you driven and what advice would you give to those feeling uninspired or stuck in a rut?

TRAVELLING! There’s nothing more inspiring than taking some time to explore, meet new people, see different cultures... We’re most productive once we’ve come back from an adventure. Taking a break benefits your work, clears the mind + allows space for new ideas!

You seem to love traveling and exploring the great outdoors. What are your favourite traveling locations? What’s next on your travel list?

YAS! It’s hard to choose... We can’t get enough of the Californian desert, Joshua Tree is one of our all time faves… But then we also love the complete opposite vibes, like exploring the rockies in Canada. We’ve been invited to do a road trip hitting all the best burger joints in USA. Hitting places like Nashville, San Fran and Texas. So hopefully that’s next on our list!

What was the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Not to be afraid to be different, that not everyone will like what you do + that’s totally okay! – we actually live by this!

What are you working on at the moment?

Our Hustle Hard Werkshops, mentoring like minded creatives on how to help them grow their unique businesses + feel confident in their vision! We’ve also just started one-on-one mentoring instagram bootcamps! We just love teaching the things we’ve learnt along the way.

What are your dreams and ambitions for the future?

To take our Hustle Hard Werkshops on tour and network with creative around the world.

And finally, can you recommend us:

A book: The curious incident of the dog in the night time by Mark Haddon.

A song: Zeb “love of a dead man”.

A film: Fundamentals of caring.

A place to visit: Beefy Boys, Hereford.